Q: Can I give you a Credit Card over the telephone?
A: No, we cannot take credit cards over the telephone but will be glad to send you a link to pay online.

Q: What is Cardworks?
A: Cardworks is our credit card processing portal for credit cards. It is secure.

Q: What is the 3% fee?
A: If you are paying with a credit card or PayPal we are collecting a 3% credit card fee. You can also pay with a wire transfer, cash, money order, ACH or deposit – those will not have a 3% fee. If you are paying with any method other than a credit card then please remove the 3% fee.

Q: Why do I have 2 invoices?
A: We will send you an invoice from the auction venue and a duplicate invoice from Quickbooks. They will match, you only need to pay once.

Q: Where do I send a non-credit card payment?
A: HFA, 1131 4th Street North, Saint Petersburg FL 33701. Please write your lot number and invoice number on the Memo line of your check.

Q: If there is a shipping fee on the invoice does this mean you will ship to my address registered with the auction house?
A: Yes, if we can ship the item in-house we will calculate a shipping fee based on the zip code with the registered address.

Q:Will you ship to another address?
A: If you pay with Cardworks by credit card then we can only ship to the billing address. If you pay with a non-electronic method we can ship to whatever address you wish us to send it to.

Outside Shippers

Any item marked as “Local pick up” will not be shipped by Hess Fine Auctions. You may make shipping arrangements with any service of your choice.

Below is a list of recommended outside shippers that have worked with previous customers.

You may contact one of them – or any other shipper of your choice – for your item’s shipment.

UPS Store, 727-579-0700, [email protected]

UPS Store, 727-826-6075, [email protected]

UPS Store, 727-592-5400, Allan Baer, [email protected]

Craters & Freighters, 813-889-9008, [email protected]

TPA Cargo, 813-879-5835

Orbit Logistics, 813-888-5747

Sending TLC, 4604 49th Street N St. Petersburg FL 33709, 727-520-1314, [email protected]

After you have made arrangements with the shipper of your choice please send an email to [email protected] and let us know so we may release the item to that shipper.